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format file sonic

What is a sonic file and how do I open a sonic file?

The SONIC file extension is used for DigitalMedia project files and falls under the category of data files. The program aims to burn CDs and DVDs by consisting of burning settings as well as links to folders and files that need to be burned. The SONIC file extension is developed by Sonic Solutions (a software company) in order to provide the users the ease of burning CDs and DVDs which are used to create disc contents (for backups), CDs containing images etc. However, DigitalMedia is no longer being supported by the organization. New programs, Roxio products, have replaced Sonic Solutions applications, including the DigitalMedia software.

Recommended sonic file download:
Sonic Solutions DigitalMedia
Detail sonic file extension information:
File Type: sonic
File Format: DigitalMedia Project File
Primary Association: Data Files