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format file scc

What is a scc file and how do I open a scc file?

Files with the .scc extension are also known as Source Code Control files, and the Microsoft Visual SourceSafe application uses these files to store and retrieve source code control information associated with Microsoft Visual Studio projects. This is a version control process integrated into the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 application to provide users with a quick and easy way to implement local copy and source control managemen into their projects. The details included in these pieces of source code control information stored in an SCC file are used to facilitate the retrieval and integration of certain developer files included in a specific Microsoft Visual Studio project. The repository of version control data associated with a specific project are not commited with SCC files. Files in the SCC format are instead used to facilitate data transmissions between developer files and the repository corresponding to the project. The mssccprj.scc file is an example plain text SCC file, while vssver5.scc and vssver6.scc are example plain text SCC files associated with newer versions (versions 5 and 6, respectively) of the project.

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Microsoft Visual SourceSafe
Detail scc file extension information:
File Type: scc
File Format: SourceSafe Source Code Control File
Primary Association: Development Files