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format file rrt

What is a rrt file and how do I open a rrt file?

The Rhapzode Resource Template is stored in the RRT format and is affixed with the RRT extension and is used by Rhapzode. These RRT files are generally classified as data files that contain PowerPoint resource presentation templates arranged and compiled by Rhapzode. The third party authoring program, Rhapzode is a Microsoft PowerPoint plugin helps enhance, manage, protect and distribute the content. This allows PowerPoint Presentation files to be converted to native Windows executable programs such as SWF, HTML, PDF, RRX and other compatible formats. Converting them to such formats would allow the presentations to be played to any machine even without the Microsoft PowerPoint program. It has the ability to protect the content of presentations because of its security features like the password authentication, content encryption facility, licensing and end user control. The Alta Vente Rhapzode for Microsoft PowerPoint software can be used in Microsoft Windows systems to access and view RRT files.

Recommended rrt file download:
Alta Vente Rhapzode for Microsoft PowerPoint
Detail rrt file extension information:
File Type: rrt
File Format: Rhapzode Resource Template
Primary Association: Data Files