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format file rl

What is a rl file and how do I open a rl file?

The R.viewer List File is stored in the RL format and is affixed with the RL extension, and is used by the R.viewer application. These RL files are generally classified as data files that contain the file list as well as identity of damaged and restored files which allows users to track corrupted files for repair. List of files can be converted to text, CSV, HTML or printed format. The R.viewer application is a free tool that creates structured list of files and folders in a computer drive used for remote browsing. It is a component of R.Lab, a Russian company that offers data recovery. Data recovery is implemented in high density drives, raid, server, flash drives and removable media. It has the ability to delete old backup copies and several programs. The R.LAB R.viewer software can be used in Microsoft Windows based systems to access and read RL files.

Recommended rl file download:
R.LAB R.viewer
Detail rl file extension information:
File Type: rl
File Format: R.viewer List File
Primary Association: Data Files