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format file qel

What is a qel file and how do I open a qel file?

The Quicken Electronic Library file is saved in the QEL format and is affixed with the QEL extension, and is used by the Quicken. These QEL files are generally classified as data files that contain list of banking institutions and login or online account setup information used to download account data over the Internet. They also include history of online payments and downloaded transactions. In cases that QEL files are deleted, they will automatically be reproduced the next time an online bank connection is established. The Intuit Quicken Essentials for Mac software can be used in Mac operating systems to access and run the content stored in these QEL files. The Intuit Quicken software can be used in Microsoft Windows based systems to access and run the abovementioned files. However in Quicken 2010, data files in Windows no longer contain supporting files like QEL and they are just incorporated in one single QDF file.

Mac OS
Recommended qel file download:
Intuit Quicken 2013
Intuit Quicken Essentials for Mac
Detail qel file extension information:
File Type: qel
File Format: Quicken Electronic Library
Primary Association: Data Files