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format file pwdpl

What is a pwdpl file and how do I open a pwdpl file?

The PWDPL file extension was developed for text documents encrypted and protected with unique passwords generated by Password Pad Light. The developer of this software is Tan Thor Jen, and Password Pad Light is the freeware version of the Password Pad retail program. The paid version of this application provides better text data encryption and password security technology, according to its developer, though Password Pad Light is still useful for those who rarely give third party users access to the internal and external data storage devices connected to their computers, more so for those who store their PWDPL text documents with sensitive content in external data storage disks that cannot be accessed by remote users, Web servers and other network devices. Like PWDP files, text documents in the PWDPL extension are protected by unique passwords generated by Password Pad Light, and these PWDPL documents can only be viewed, opened, modified or deleted if the user enters the correct password.

Mac OS
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Password Pad
Detail pwdpl file extension information:
File Type: pwdpl
File Format: Password Pad Lite Document
Primary Association: Text Files