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format file pvj

What is a pvj file and how do I open a pvj file?

Files appended with the .pvj extension are classified as text documents, though they are specifically called job tickets or project files used by the ProofVision software. This application was developed by K-Flow to help users ensure that vibrancy and clarity of colors and dimension consistencies of their digital design projects can be displayed the way intended by the user across a wide variety of print media types and digital mediums. These PVJ files contain important details done by the ProofVision user to the project as well as project logs saved by the ProofVision software while the user is working on the ProofVision project associated with the PVJ file. Users can combine multiple PVJ files for the development of a new ProofVision project that can later be saved as a different PVJ file. ProofVision users can also share their ProofVision PVJ files in case collaboaration work needs to be done on the same design projects that will be displayed in varying print media types, digital screen displays and soft interfaces, though each user needs to use the ProofVision software to open, view, make edits and changes to the attributes saved in the PVJ file for specific design projects.

Recommended pvj file download:
K-Flow ProofVision
Detail pvj file extension information:
File Type: pvj
File Format: ProofVision Job Ticket
Primary Association: Text Files