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format file pkt

What is a pkt file and how do I open a pkt file?

Files in the PKT format are used to contain certain details and other variation on all simulations or possible scenarios when dealing with network connections. It is primarily used by Packet Tracer, a program primarily developed by Cisco Systems. It was developed as a very powerful teaching and training aid. It is a program that simulates a network and its behavior, giving a chance for students to experience a variety of "what-if" situations first hand including authoring, troubleshooting, collaborations capabilities, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving. Packet Tracer also makes use of physical hardware equipment, providing countless possibilities for users to have the chance to assess, practice and to discover. The PKT file extension can be opened and managed through the Packet Tracer itself. However, if the previous option is not available, certain packet players and analyzers, like Wireshark and Colasoft, may be used to open and manage such files.

Recommended pkt file download:
Cisco Packet Tracer
Detail pkt file extension information:
File Type: pkt
File Format: Packet Tracer Network Simulation Model
Primary Association: Data Files