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format file pjx

What is a pjx file and how do I open a pjx file?

The .pjx file extension is mainly used by FoxPro; a program used to create and manage database projects. This software allows users to create database effectively and quickly no matter what their purpose for creating databases are. The .pjx files refer to the projects that were created and saved using the program and these files usually contain labels, library files, menus, forms, reports as well as other data. This software has all the features that allow users to easily manage databases which is why it is mostly used by a lot of businessmen, organizations, professionals and even mere individuals who need to input data in a database. Now, with the newer version of the FoxPro software, these .pjx files are also updated which is why retrieving data is now a quicker process. The .pjx files can be opened with Microsoft Visual FoxPro, Foxpro Project index, Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise Edition as well as other Microsoft FoxPro editions.

Recommended pjx file download:
Microsoft Visual FoxPro
Detail pjx file extension information:
File Type: pjx
File Format: FoxPro Project
Primary Association: Development Files