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format file pjt

What is a pjt file and how do I open a pjt file?

A file with the .pjt extension is a text document comprised of brief notes (memos) or logs about projects created using Microsoft Visual FoxPro. These logs or memos contain details about the specifics of the Microsoft Visual FoxPro project associated with it. These specifics include code sequences done and saved by the user and error logs generated by the application. These project files are appended on the other hand with the PJX extension. The Microsoft Visual FoxPro application is software used by developers to create desktop and Web application projects. These PJT files aid these users in determining the functionalities they aim to embed into their Microsoft Visual FoxPro projects. By looking at the .pjt file associated with a specific Visual FoxPro project file (the PJX file), the user can do further work, make changes or improve the project by adding and debugging codes relevant to the logs and memos stored in the PJT file.

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Microsoft Visual FoxPro
Detail pjt file extension information:
File Type: pjt
File Format: FoxPro Project Memo
Primary Association: Text Files