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format file pep

What is a pep file and how do I open a pep file?

The .pep file extension is attached to projects created with the use of TurboProject. TurboProject is a program that allows users to manage their projects and this includes the planning of their projects as well as planning their project schedules. With this, the .pep files contain information created and saved as projects. These are the milestones, the connections, the timelines, the resources, and other activities that have something to do with starting and completing a project. With these files, users can plan, create and manage their projects easily. Overall, this software makes project planning and completion easier and quicker. It saves users a lot of time and money. This software has three known versions such as TurboProject Standard, TurboProject Pro and Express, but they are all compatible with the .pep files and they can be used to open these files. A .PEP file fixer may also work to open these files without the software installed in the system.

Recommended pep file download:
Office Work Software TurboProject
Detail pep file extension information:
File Type: pep
File Format: TurboProject Project File
Primary Association: Data Files