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format file pbk

What is a pbk file and how do I open a pbk file?

The .pbk file extension is known as a Dial-Up Phone Book File for Microsoft Network Connections. The .pbk files contain settings related to dial-up connections that were saved and these include login data, the password, the phone numbers used for dial up, etc. The file extension is also used as program files that the Pixel Bender Toolkit application created. The Pixel Bender Toolkit is known as an application that allows the creation of customized image filters used for Photoshop and other programs. The .pbk files are called developer files and they contain a written source code compatible with the Pixel Bender kernel language. Aside from these.pbk file types; this file extension is also used as ElectraSoft Fax phone book file wherein the .pbk files contain all phonebook information created using the ElectraSoft Fax applications. Other applications associated with the .pbk file extension are HP-95LX Phone Book File, ARC program, as well as Microsoft Remote Access Phonebook.

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Microsoft Windows
Detail pbk file extension information:
File Type: pbk
File Format: Dial-Up Phone Book File
Primary Association: Data Files