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format file paf

What is a paf file and how do I open a paf file?

Files with the .paf extension are known as files that the Personal Ancestral File created. This Personal Ancestral File is a program used to manage genealogical data such as family trees and other information that user’s enter about their family members, ancestors as well as descendants. All the information saved about the user’s family tree including their names and birth dates are called .paf files and they can be opened using applications such as FamilySearch Personal Ancestral File and RootsMagic. Besides that, the .paf file extension is also used as a Portable Application Installer File wherein these .paf files are used as installer files found in USB flash drive applications. In this file type, the .paf extension is helpful when it comes to installing applications from the USB flash drive to any computer with Windows and they are usually run when you use USB flash drive. These files are also called backup files as they are the duplicate data that users create and transfer to a different hard drive device to save their files from their corrupted computer before reformatting it again.

Recommended paf file download:
FamilySearch Personal Ancestral File
Detail paf file extension information:
File Type: paf
File Format: Personal Ancestral File
Primary Association: Data Files