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format file ort

What is an ort file and how do I open an ort file?

Files with the ORT extension are created and can be opened using the Rich Text Editor application developed by IBM. Similar to RTF (Rich Text Format) files, these generally consist of blocks of text that may include specific formatting attributes. IBM has integrated their Rich Text Editor application as the default word processor and text editor of their other software programs, mostly Web applications. A popular IBM Web application integrated with the Rich Text Editor program, which means it can also access and use ORT files, is IBM WebSphere Portal. These ORT files primarily serve as backup copies of data that can be used to recover the pieces of data stored in these ORT files at the event of an unexpected expiration of a server session. This means the Web applications of IBM use these ORT files to log specific pieces of data relevant to the server session that has unexpectedly expired, in order to later access these logs and correct possible errors.

Recommended ort file download:
IBM Rich Text Editor
IBM Rich Text Editor
Detail ort file extension information:
File Type: ort
File Format: Rich Text Editor Document
Primary Association: Text Files