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format file ofm

What is an ofm file and how do I open an ofm file?

The OFM file extension is known as the OmniForm Form file format which was originally developed by Scansoft but they merged with Nuance Communications in 2005. It is a file format used for document converter and has the capability to turn one type of document, such as a Word document, into another type like PDF, XML, RTF or Microsoft InfoPath forms automatically. It does not require any additional conversion software. The file serves as intermediary between the different document forms. The OFM format contains digital signatures, attachments, field validation, calculations, and automatic form fill from previously entered data. It can only be opened in the OmniForm application and databases are automatically created for each form for easy data analysis. To ensure security and privacy of data it uses industry standard data transmission encryption. It also allows you to turn hard copies of forms into electronic forms with ease with its scanner capability. Files in OFM format can be opened with Nuance Communications OmniForm in Microsoft Windows platforms.

Recommended ofm file download:
Nuance Communications OmniForm
Detail ofm file extension information:
File Type: ofm
File Format: OmniForm Form
Primary Association: Data Files