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format file npl

What is a npl file and how do I open a npl file?

The NPL file extension is also known as the Nokia Playlist File which was developed by Nokia. It is a file format of media files or playlist created with Nokia Multimedia Player. It is a media playback program included in the Nokia PC Suite. It may include references to audio and video files, and multimedia message files, but does not contain the actual referenced files themselves. NPL files are generated automatically and are easy to install on user’s phone by clicking or dragging the icon that corresponds to the playlist on the Nokia Multimedia player to the phone’s icon. To create a playlist with Nokia Multimedia Player, select File then click “Save playlist”. Once the playlist is deleted, the NPL files are removed automatically. They do not work on other cellular phones and MP3 players. Files in NPL format can be opened with Nokia Multimedia Player in Microsoft Windows platforms.

Recommended npl file download:
Nokia Multimedia Player
Detail npl file extension information:
File Type: npl
File Format: Nokia Playlist File
Primary Association: Data Files