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What is a notes file and how do I open a notes file?

The NOTES file extension is used for a Memento Notes File developed by Guys with Towels. NOTES file entails simple note reminders like times and dates of certain events that are identifiable to users. It is like having paper post-it reminders, but with a modern touch by posting the reminder electronically on the desktop and can be accessed anytime by the user. Memento is freeware that has been discontinued by the developer. It was adaptable to various platforms, namely Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 and XP. Basic features include a clock that can be accessed to appear visible at user’s discretion, a calendar with corresponding events that have been marked as reminders by the user and a modify feature that allows users to manipulate any desktop wallpaper. This gives them the option to change wallpapers at a click of a button instantly. Memento application also has different stickers that can be added to desktop wallpaper.

Recommended notes file download:
Guys with Towels Memento
Detail notes file extension information:
File Type: notes
File Format: Memento Notes File
Primary Association: Text Files