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What is a not file and how do I open a not file?

The NOT file extension is also known as the Notation File or Notesoft file which was developed by Notation Software. The Notation software includes musical or notated score integrated with original MIDI data. It is capable of holding more information for the user’s music sheet, like annotations and other performance markings. It contains MIDI performance data and notation data. MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is an industry standard for passing musical performance information among electronic musical instruments and computers. The NOT file format can be old but not obsolete format. It is saved in a proprietary format that may be opened with Notation Software programs, including Musician and Composer. It can be exported to a more standard format such as .mid or .kar after being opened. NOT files can also be used as song templates by saving them in the Program FilesNotationTemplate directory. Users can also change the key signature, clef, instrument transposition, or device/channel/patch assignment for permanency. Files in NOT format can be opened with Notation Musician and Notation Composer in Microsoft Windows platforms.

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Detail not file extension information:
File Type: not
File Format: Notation File
Primary Association: Data Files