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format file luf

What is a luf file and how do I open a luf file?

The LUF file extension is used for a Lipikar Uniform Format File that is developed by Lipikar. It is a unique and very simple authoring tool used by Window fonts. It is independent of keyboards and languages. It is also used to quickly create short passages of any text in any language without the aid of any keystroke. A LUF file is usually saved in .RTF format. This file is created when Lipikar contents are saved to the file. All text output is formatted in a single effect, style, font and color. Lipikar is free to use by those who wants to try a different approach. Its features include Keyboard Map Viewer that aids users which key is assigned to what particular font, FontBrowser allows users to browse fonts via previews, Text saved to / Load from, Custom FontMap Editor which create, load and save any layout of Font Map by selecting only the desired letters, Full character layout, Font-based text search and a mouse –hover sensitive zoom window.

Mac OS
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Any text editor
Detail luf file extension information:
File Type: luf
File Format: Lipikar Uniform Format File
Primary Association: Text Files