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format file ltr

What is a ltr file and how do I open a ltr file?

The LTR file extension is associated with ACT, a customer relationship management software application or CRM. It is used as basis of keeping track prospective clients with their details in a database that can be accessed or used by various users. ACT which uses LTR files is compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, and other programs that tracks and generate with the contacts listed in ACT. ACT or currently known as SAGE ACT is developed by SAGE and released in 1987. Microsoft Windows is the operating system and platform used for this particular software. The acronym ACT has two meanings namely Activity Control Technology and Automated Contact Tracking. The former being the original name when ACT was released and the latter being the current name that is used today. Features of ACT include ability to track any prospective customers, reports, dashboards, synchronize data from other applications simultaneously with spreadsheets, email software and word processing, communication tools, calendar and contact management.

Mac OS
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Any text editor
Any text editor
Detail ltr file extension information:
File Type: ltr
File Format: Letter File
Primary Association: Text Files