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format file jude

What is a jude file and how do I open a jude file?

JUDE files are categorized as data files and they are referred to as JUDE Project Files since they are the projects created with JUDE (Java and UML Development Environment). These JUDE files contain the saved project as well as they are a combination of UML software development and the Mind Map functionality. These files have the ability to convert a Mind Map to a UseCase or a Class Diagram and this is done simply by dragging and dropping objects. JUDE has variety of applications and all these applications can be used to open JUDE files. These applications are Jude Community and Jude Professional. The Jude Community is a modeling program that contains basic features but rich in functionality and can edit and print UML1.4 diagrams as well as supports the import and export of auto layouts, Java source codes and graphics output. The Jude Professional is also a design and communication tool allowing users to draw UML, Flowchart, ER, Mind Map and Data Flow Diagram.

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Detail jude file extension information:
File Type: jude
File Format: JUDE Project File
Primary Association: Data Files