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format file jrtf

What is a jrtf file and how do I open a jrtf file?

The JRTF file extension is used for a James OS Rich Text File and created by James OS. JRTF is an imitated operating system which runs in Microsoft Windows. It includes basic elements of formatting, various fonts, italics and bold types. JRTF file is also the same with .RTF file thus permitting both file to be opened by any text editor. Syntax for JRTF file is non-verbose and compact which permits Domain Specific Language for RTF documents. RTF is the acronym for Rich Text Format. It is a document file format created by Microsoft Corporation intended for use to its products and for cross-platform use. It is usually a file format which allows exchange of text files between two or more Word Processors belonging to different operating systems. Cross platform is an attribute that is given to software which allows it to operate on more than one platform which has the same or identical functions.

Recommended jrtf file download:
Microsoft Notepad
Microsoft WordPad
JAmes OS
Detail jrtf file extension information:
File Type: jrtf
File Format: JAmes OS Rich Text File
Primary Association: Text Files