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format file jnt

What is a jnt file and how do I open a jnt file?

JNT files are categorized as data files and they are also known as Windows Journal Files because they are the journals created with Windows Journal note-taking software. These files re known to be created with the use of a Tablet PC but they can also be created using the standard PC only if there is a Windows Journal application installed. JNT files are journal files because they mostly contain information saved in the digital journal like the handwritten notes and drawings or text and graphical elements. JNT files can be opened and viewed using Microsoft Windows Journal Viewer too especially if the PC does not have a Windows Journal application installed. The Microsoft Windows Journal is an application that allows users to write their journals on their tablet PC using their tablet pen. It’s like writing their journals digitally as they are not writing it on a physical notebook. The Microsoft Windows Journal Viewer, on the other hand is not like the Windows Journal application that can create journals. This is simply an application or a tool used to view the JNT files created using the Windows Journal.

Recommended jnt file download:
Microsoft Windows Journal
Microsoft Windows Journal Viewer
Detail jnt file extension information:
File Type: jnt
File Format: Windows Journal File
Primary Association: Microsoft Files