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format file ivs

What is an ivs file and how do I open an ivs file?

The Initialization Vector Files used by Aircrack-ng as well as other applications for WEP wireless network key cracking are called IVS files. These are categorized as data files containing initialization vectors which are useful for the generation of encrypted data on the network. IVS files make use of a cracking utility in order to be processed and for the WEP key of the network could be acquired. Cracking a WEP key with the Aircrack-ng may require performance of an ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) network injection as this will force the generation of packets with new IVs by the wireless device. The dumped IVs are saved into IVS files and this is what the Aircrack-ng application uses to decipher WEP keys. The Aircrack-ng software is a very useful tool for the recovering of keys because it is able to do so once they have captured enough data packets. The software runs on Windows as well as it also refers to a set of tools for wireless network auditing.

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Detail ivs file extension information:
File Type: ivs
File Format: Initialization Vector File
Primary Association: Data Files