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format file ipa

What is an ipa file and how do I open an ipa file?

An iOS application file is implemented with encoding specifications proprietary to Apple, and these encoding standards were developed for the executable file format of programs developed for certain Apple products. Stored in the IPA format and appended with the .ifa extension, these iOS application files can be initialized to start the application associated to the iOS program file. Apple products implemented with support for executing these IFA files and associated applications include the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad devices. Programs that can be developed with an IFA executable file may include video games, finance-related software, news parsers and educational applications among a wide variety of utility tools. These IFA files can only run on a supported Apple device. Many file compression and decompression tools can be used to decompress the content of these IFA files. The Apple iTunes software has a version for Microsoft Windows-based systems. This program can be used to download these IFA files and to later transfer and run them in compatible Apple devices.

Mac OS
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Apple iTunes
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Detail ipa file extension information:
File Type: ipa
File Format: iOS Application
Primary Association: Program Execution Files