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format file gbx

What is a gbx file and how do I open a gbx file?

A Gerber PCB file is encoded and compressed with specifications used by software developed for creating and editing Printed Circuit Board (PCB) designs and layouts, and this file is classified as a CAD file, while these PCB design applications are categorized as CAD software. As the name suggests, a Gerber PCB file is integrated with Gerber CAD encoding and compression standards. "CAD" in CAD software stands for Computer-Aided Design, and these Gerber PCB files are saved in the GBX format and are affixed with the .gbx extension. Certain Computer Aided Manufacturing applications use these GBX files for its project output files. These CAD and CAM programs can also be used to simulate certain functionalities implemented into a GBX design layout project by the author of the GBX file. The PentaLogix ViewMate software can be used to open and view the content of these GBX files, and the data stored in a GBX file includes digital 3D objects and images, numerical and statistical data, formatting and layout design elements among other metadata info corresponding to a particular GBX project.

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Detail gbx file extension information:
File Type: gbx
File Format: Gerber PCB File
Primary Association: CAD Files