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format file fnrecipes

What is a fnrecipes file and how do I open a fnrecipes file?

The .fnrecipes file extension is another extension supported by the software known as Food Network Recipe Manager. The software is known to allow users to create a cookbook or a collection of recipes whether they are recipes they invented or recipes they copied. The good thing about having software like this is that users no longer have to manually write their recipes; instead, they can just create a collection of these recipes, save it using the software and share it as well. In other words, they are not just allowed to make an accessible cookbook but they can also share the cookbook to their friends and relatives. Now, the files that are created into a cookbook and saved with the software are called .fnrecipes files because they are saved in this format. Although files that have the .fnbk format are also used for this software, the .fnrecipes files are also supported by the said software as well.

Mac OS
Recommended fnrecipes file download:
Nova Development Food Network Recipe Manager
Nova Development Food Network Recipe Manager
Detail fnrecipes file extension information:
File Type: fnrecipes
File Format: Food Network Recipe File
Primary Association: Data Files