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format file fbz

What is a fbz file and how do I open a fbz file?

A FlashBack screen recorder movie file is encoded with video content compression standards proprietary to Blueberry, and these FlashBack screen recorder movie files are stored in the FBZ format. These FBZ files are digital recordings of Microsoft Windows screens created by users of the BB FlashBack software. This program is classified as screen recorder software developed for computers running on Microsoft Windows-based systems. The content of an FBZ file include the digital video content of screen-captured events and activities recorded by the author of the FBZ movie file, and other details and digital effects can be added to the content of an FBZ file. These include metadata info associated to the videos, digital objects and images like arrows and text balloons, sound clips and other visual effects, and this can be done using the BB FlashBack program. The video content stored in an FBZ file can also be viewed using the BB FlashBack Free Player software, via its built-in video screen player integrated into the GUI (Graphical User Interface) of this application.

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Detail fbz file extension information:
File Type: fbz
File Format: FlashBack Screen Recorder Movie
Primary Association: Video Files