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format file epf

What is an epf file and how do I open an epf file?

The .epf file extension is used by a variety of applications. One, it is used as an Edgecam education part file wherein all the files that are used to educate and train students about Edgecam are all in this file format. In this file type; .epf is used to save data that can prevent users from downloading the file version of the software. When Edgecam files are in the .epf format, this means they are purely for educational purposes. Two, it is used in association with encapsulated postscript wherein .epf files are files used to save an image or a document that can be embedded. Three, .epf file extension is used by Entrust Intelligence software; a software mostly used for security purposes as it is used in digital ID. The data or information about a person in the digital format is saved with the .epf file extension. Four, this file extension is used to save profile information for WebSphere Development Studio commercial purposes. And finally, this file extension is also used as Microsoft outlook email file type wherein the email messages from Outlook are all saved or all contain the .epf file extension.

Recommended epf file download:
Planit Edgecam
Detail epf file extension information:
File Type: epf
File Format: Edgecam Educational Part File
Primary Association: Data Files