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format file edfx

What is an edfx file and how do I open an edfx file?

An Estimator.NET estimate file is a data file that can be created, opened and edited using the Estimator.NET software. These data files are stored in the EDFX format and are appended with the .edfx extension. The Estimator.NET software was developed by Dunstad, along with the EDFX format, to provide users with a set of functionalities useful for financial data storage, management and analysis. The content of these EDFX files is entered by its authors and other users with access to these files using the Estimator.NET software, and this may include overheads and production costs, other expenses, product or service prices and delivery schedules among a wide variety of statistical and numerical data. Users of computers with a Microsoft Windows-based system can install and use the Estimator.NET software to gain access to these features and start creating, opening and editing the financial data stored in an EDFX file. These EDFX files may also be used for generating EDFX financial reports embedded with digital images and visual objects like graphs and charts.

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Dunstad Estimator.NET
Detail edfx file extension information:
File Type: edfx
File Format: Estimator.NET Estimate File
Primary Association: Data Files