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format file edat2

What is an edat2 file and how do I open an edat2 file?

Behavioral analysts, eye experts, psychologists and students or researchers can use version 2 of the E-DataAid software to create, open, view and analyze or modify the content stored in an E-DataAid 2.0 file. These E-DataAid 2.0 files are saved in the EDAT2 format, unlike earlier versions of this application which use the EDAT format. An EDAT2 file is affixed with the .edat2 extension and may contain structured data divided into rows and columns, much like the data found in most spreadsheet documents. The content of these EDAT2 files can be psychiatric test results, participant details, eye-tracking and observation equipment calibration settings among other pieces of data gathered and entered by authors of the associated EDAT2 files. An EDAT2 file is implemented with Microsoft Excel support, so users can export their EDAT2 files into XLS spreadsheet documents for statistical data research and analysis. The E-DataAid v2.0 software is a bundled application with the E-Prime program, an application developed by Psychology Software Tools.

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Psychology Software Tools E-Prime
Detail edat2 file extension information:
File Type: edat2
File Format: E-DataAid 2.0 File
Primary Association: Data Files