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format file dtsx

What is a dtsx file and how do I open a dtsx file?

A DTS settings file is classified as a database file that can be created and used by the SQL Server software, and these DTS settings files are stored in the DTSX format and are appended with the .dtsx extension. The "DTS" in a DTS settings file stands for Data Transformation Service. The SQL Server program is categorized as database management software under the relational database management system (RDBMS) program classification. The content entered in a DTSX file includes settings and configurations for the migration of stored data to and from multiple databases, and support for integrating external sources of data is implemented into these DTSX files. The SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) application is a software component integrated into the SQL Server program, and this component application uses these DTSX files. Microsoft developed the SQL Server software and the DTSX format, and the SQL Server 2008 program version can be installed in a computer running on Microsoft Windows-based systems.

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Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Detail dtsx file extension information:
File Type: dtsx
File Format: DTS Settings File
Primary Association: Database Files