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format file dockzip

What is a dockzip file and how do I open a dockzip file?

ObjectDock files are saved in the DOCKZIP format and can be created and used with the ObjectDock software. These DOCKZIP files are affixed with the .dockzip extension and are generally classified as data files, since the content of these DOCKZIP files mainly consists of data associated to program and application settings, icon images and background graphics entered by the author of a DOCKZIP file during the creation of the .dockzip project output file. A DOCKZIP file can also contain folders with files entered by the author of the DOCKZIP file using the ObjectDock software, since this program was developed by Stardock to provide users with a set of features that can be used to create "docks" in a Microsoft Windows platform. These "docks" are similar to the "docks" also found in Mac platforms, and this means users of computers running on Microsoft Windows-based systems can install the ObjectDock software to implement support for the creation and modification of these DOCKZIP files to improve the visual appearance and navigability of their Microsoft Windows desktops. Animated mouseover functionalities can also be implemented into these DOCKZIP files, and these files are encoded using compressed archive format specifications.

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Stardock ObjectDock
Detail dockzip file extension information:
File Type: dockzip
File Format: ObjectDock File
Primary Association: Data Files