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format file dhcd

What is a dhcd file and how do I open a dhcd file?

DHCD Computing Application data files are stored in the DHCD format, and these files are appended with the .dhcd extension and integrated into the File Sniffer software. DHCD Computing developed the File Sniffer application as an implemented service into DHCD Computing applications. The File Sniffer program can verify the legitimacy of software copies from DHCD Computing. User settings and application configurations of specific DHCD Computing programs are stored in these DHCD files. When the software needs to validate the legitimacy of a DHCD Computing application copy, it references the data stored in these DHCD files, matches the associated data with the corresponding details and confirms the authenticity of the DHCD Computing application copy. These pieces of data stored in a DHCD file are integrated with encryption and encoding specifications proprietary to DHCD Computing and can only be viewed through the settings page of DHCD Computing applications. Users of Microsoft Windows-based systems are advised to not open or tamper with the content of these DHCD files, because modifications done by a user to a DHCD file may cause the DHCD Computing application to crash or fail to initialize.

Recommended dhcd file download:
DHCD Computing File Sniffer
Detail dhcd file extension information:
File Type: dhcd
File Format: DHCD Computing Application Data File
Primary Association: Data Files