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format file ddt

What is a ddt file and how do I open a ddt file?

Game files classified as Football Manager keep player data files are saved in the DDT format, and these files are created and used by the Football Manager software. Sports Interactive developed the DDT format and append these DDT files with the .ddt extension. Sports Interactive also developed the Football Manager application as a program designed to provide a set of interactive game features for managing and organizing football teams in simulated environments and situations. Instructions and settings encoded in plain text format are stored in these DDT files by Football Manager users who authored associated game output files that correspond to certain DDT files. Football player acquisition details, or player exports and imports done in the game, comprise the data stored in these DDT files. These details saved in a DDT file are referenced by the Football Manager application to extend the functionalities integrated into the software in terms of the retention and deletion of football players in a team included in a Football Manager simulated game. Mac and Microsoft Windows users can install and use the Football Manager software to implement support for these DDT files and at the same time access the set of functionalities implemented by Sports Interactive into this video game.

Mac OS
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Sports Interactive Football Manager
Sports Interactive Football Manager
Detail ddt file extension information:
File Type: ddt
File Format: Football Manager Keep Player Data File
Primary Association: Game Files