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What is a data file and how do I open a data file?

Files saved in the DATA format are used by the Analysis Studio software, and this application stores in these DATA files the details used for offline analysis. This data can be entered into the associated DATA file by an Analysis Studio user. Generally classified as data files, these DATA files are affixed with the .data extension and are more specifically called Analysis Studio offline data files. Appricon developed the DATA format and the Analysis Studio software to provide users with offline data storage and analytical functionalities helpful instatistical data research, storage, management and analysis. The content of these DATA files can include data encoded in plain text or in tab-delimited formats. Analysis Studio file headers may also be included in these DATA files by Analysis Studio users. A user disconnected from an Analysis Studio server usually accesses these DATA files in offline mode, though the Analysis Studio software also provides user access to the content of these DATA files even in online mode. The content of these DATA files may also be imported from other databases like Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access databases. The Analysis Studio software associates a DATA file to a corresponding STP file, and the content of these STP files is comprised of object metadata and project schema details. A Microsoft Windows user can remove the Analysis Studio header file of the DATA file to open and view its content using the Microsoft Excel 2010 spreadsheet application.

Recommended data file download:
Microsoft Excel 2013
Appricon Analysis Studio
Detail data file extension information:
File Type: data
File Format: Analysis Studio Offline Data File
Primary Association: Apple Files
Mime Type: application/x-fsif, audio/x-psid