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format file cry

What is a cry file and how do I open a cry file?

Files in the CRY format are considered as data files used as map data by digital games created with the CryEngine software. These data files are appended with the .cry extension and are specifically known as CryENGINE map files. The CryEngine application was developed by CryTek to provide developers of Digital shooting games in the first person perspective with a set of intuitive features for creating these video games for the Microsoft Windows environment. Game level attributes which can consist of terrain details and objects like buildings among other mission data are stored in these CRY files. Users of the CryEngine software can also use this application to create custom missions or edit and add content that can improve overall user experience which can be gained from playing an existing video game stored in a CRY file. Microsoft Windows users can install the CryEngine application to implement support for opening, playing, creating and editing these CRY files. There are also some video game consoles implemented with support for running and playing these CRY video games.

Recommended cry file download:
Crytek CryENGINE
Detail cry file extension information:
File Type: cry
File Format: CryENGINE Map File
Primary Association: Data Files