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format file clix

What is a clix file and how do I open a clix file?

CLIX command files are affixed with the CLIX extension, and this is a file format developed by Rixstep as a text file used by the CLIX software. The CLIX application (also developed by Rixstep) was designed to provide users with more convenient features for learning Unix systems and using specific functionalities integrated into these systems. The data stored in these CLIX files includes a list of details corresponding to specific Unix commands that users can type in applets built into Unix systems with CLIs (Command-Line Interfaces). When a CLIX file is opened in a Unix system using the CLIX software, the commands listed in the CLIX file may be double clicked by the user to run the command in the associated CLI applet. The CLIX application can also be used to create these CLIX files, enter Unix commands and save the project in the CLIX format.

Mac OS
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Rixstep CLIX
Detail clix file extension information:
File Type: clix
File Format: CLIX Command File
Primary Association: Data Files