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format file cdpz

What is a cdpz file and how do I open a cdpz file?

The ConceptDraw Project software is a project management application that uses the CDPZ file format for output project files that can be generated and opened by using this program. Project management applications were designed to help users organize and manage the important details of a project in easy and convenient ways through visual documents that can be created, opened and viewed using their Microsoft Windows-based systems or Macs. CS Odessa developed the ConceptDraw Project software and the CDPZ file format. Files with the .cdpz extension contain details associated to projects, and these CDPZ files can serve as useful resource materials for analyzing the key performance indicators of the specific projects corresponding to these CDPZ files. The ConceptDraw software may also use files in the CDPX format as the standard format of project output files created using this application. The CDP file extension is also a format supported by the ConceptDraw Project software.

Mac OS
Recommended cdpz file download:
CS Odessa ConceptDraw PROJECT
CS Odessa ConceptDraw PROJECT
Detail cdpz file extension information:
File Type: cdpz
File Format: ConceptDraw PROJECT Document
Primary Association: Data Files