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format file btm

What is a btm file and how do I open a btm file?

Map files are used and treated by associated applications as database files that are referenced when users of the program access certain integrated features of the software, and these features correspond to the data stored in those map files. The BTM format is used for database files generated using the BizTalk Server software. Files appended with the .btm extension are also called BizTalk map files. The BizTalk Server software was developed by Microsoft to provide users with convenient system integration functionalities and efficient process automation features. These features are mostly used by companies with multiple global or local supply chains. The content stored in these BTM files is used by the BizTalk Server application as reference data, and the application does this when it needs to access relationship details between multiple databases or schemas associated to a Microsoft Visual Studio project. Users can install the BizTalk Mapper application, also from Microsoft, to open and edit the content of these BTM files. The BizTalk Mapper software is included in the set of tools provided by the Microsoft Visual Studio suite.

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Detail btm file extension information:
File Type: btm
File Format: BizTalk Map File
Primary Association: Data Files
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