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format file bln

What is a bln file and how do I open a bln file?

The content of BLN files is implemented with ASCII encoding specifications and consists of comma-delimited text data. These pieces of text data are referenced by many visualization and mapping applications developed by Golden Software. These Golden Software programs include the Surfer application, Grapher and the MapViewer software. Point boundaries and polyline as well as polygon definitions may be stored in a BLN file associated to a project developed using these Golden Software visualization and mapping programs. The content of these BLN files can also be used to blank out grid regions in a map file generated using Golden Software applications. For instance, an area in a contour map will not display contour lines in the region blanked out with the use of the content stored in the associated BLN file. Users can install in their Microsoft Windows-based systems these Golden Software applications to start using the features integrated into these programs and create, open or edit these BLN files.

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Detail bln file extension information:
File Type: bln
File Format: Golden Software Blanking File
Primary Association: Data Files