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format file bafl

What is a bafl file and how do I open a bafl file?

Files in the BAFL format are also called Burnaware file lists, which are also classified as data files. The Burnaware software is a program that can be used to create CD and DVD burning projects using files stored in internal and external storage devices connected to a computer where the Burnaware application is installed. These Burnaware projects are appended with the BAFL extension and serve as the Burnaware application's project output files. Blue-ray disk burning support is also available in newer versions of the Burnaware program, which means users can also create projects and burn them unto Blue-ray disks using this software. These .bafl files can be loaded unto a new project in the Burnaware software, since the content of these BAFL files include details used as reference data by the Burnaware software to determine the directory locations of other data files entered and saved by the author of the BAFL file for inclusion in the burning project. Burnaware Technologies developed the Burnaware application, and this software can be installed into Microsoft Windows-based systems so users can start creating BAFL files and use them for their CD, DVD and Blue-ray burning projects.

Recommended bafl file download:
Burnaware Technologies BurnAware
Detail bafl file extension information:
File Type: bafl
File Format: BurnAware File List
Primary Association: Data Files