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format file 4dv

What is a 4dv file and how do I open a 4dv file?

Files with the .4dv extension are also known as 4D View Ultrasound files, and these files are classified as data files because it contains data referenced by the 4D View application. This software was developed by General Electric for their propriety device called Healthcare Voluson, which is a machine integrated with ultrasound device functionalities. A .4dv file is also referred to as an ultrasound data file, and these files can be created and its content can be viewed with the use of the 4D View application. The ViewPoint software can also be used to open and view the content of these 4DV files, provided that the plug-in developed for 4D View support is installed. These applications are used by doctors and medical technicians to study the ultrasound data gathered using the General Electric Healthcare Voluson ultrasound device. These applications also reference the content of these 4DV ultrasound data files when users calibrate the settings of this ultrasound machine via these applications. These programs can be installed in Microsoft Windows-based platforms.

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General Electric 4D View
Detail 4dv file extension information:
File Type: 4dv
File Format: 4D View Ultrasound File
Primary Association: 4D File Format Files