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format file sbc

What is a sbc file and how do I open a sbc file?

The file shortcuts pointing to where the accounting data file is located is in the SBC format, which is why SBC files are called company file shortcuts that are saved using the Microsoft Office Accounting program. The company’s files can easily be accessed when they are saved in this file format, thereby making accounting tasks easier. These saved company file shortcuts are mostly located in a shared folder, making it easy for various users to access information regarding accounting with the use of different computers. Microsoft Office Accounting is mainly used in banks since this is a banking program. Since it is necessary for accountants and bank tellers to be able to access a client’s profile no matter which computer is used, this baking program developed by Microsoft is just the right application to use since it allows company file shortcuts to be saved in SBC format, accessible by different computers. The most common and latest version of Microsoft Accounting that uses SBC files is Microsoft Office 2008 since Microsoft stopped its distribution during the year 2009.

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Microsoft Office Accounting
Detail sbc file extension information:
File Type: sbc
File Format: Office Accounting Company Shortcut File
Primary Association: Partially Downloaded Files