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format file mdt

What is a mdt file and how do I open a mdt file?

The database template files used by GeoMedia are called MDT files. The MDT file extension used by these files was developed by Intergraph and categorized as database files. MDT files are very useful files especially when it comes to saving the Access database default structure as well as to initialize Access database files or MDB files with a geospatial data. These MDT files that Geomedia uses as default Access database templates are saved as normal.mdt files. The main application that uses the MDT file extension is Intergraph GeoMedia since it is an application creating these files. This application is known as a GIS management package allowing users to realize the importance of geospatial resources so that they can be integrated into information that is clear and actionable. This software unites all forms of geospatial data into a single map view so that from processing, capturing, maintenance to analysis and sharing, they would be effective and will have simultaneous access.

Recommended mdt file download:
Intergraph GeoMedia
Detail mdt file extension information:
File Type: mdt
File Format: GeoMedia Access Database Template
Primary Association: Database Files