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format file uds

What is an uds file and how do I open an uds file?

UDS is a file created by Sierra Generations, a program that stores family tree data. The UDS file is useful in storing family tree details in a database, and the content of these Sierra Generations files may include names of family tree members, ancestral information, descendant details and dates among other pieces of text information. The content of UDS file may also consist of visualized charts and tables that can outline these family tree details in more organized and methodical ways. Sierra Generations files are also implemented with text and XML-based data formatting standards, while data compilation and encoding specifications proprietary to Sierra, developer of the Sierra Generations program, are also integrated into the content of the Sierra Generations files so the Sierra Generations application can save these Sierra Generations files in the UDS format. Once appended with the .UDS extension, Sierra Generations files can be exported into different file formats using TWR Computing services, since further development and support for the Sierra Generations application has already been discontinued.

Recommended uds file download:
Sierra Generations
Detail uds file extension information:
File Type: uds
File Format: Sierra Generations File
Primary Association: Data Files