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format file tpf

What is a tpf file and how do I open a tpf file?

TPF is a file created by Transit NXT, a language translation and localization program. It contains a translation of terms and phrases from one language into another language, and is used by a translator to send back a translation library from a source PPF file. The translation libraries consist of a list of words and phrases used in one particular language, and this list is associated to multiple lists of words and phrases in other languages that are direct translations of each word and phrase included in the first list. A Transit NXT pack translation file is comprised of a database of words and phrases in different languages, with each word or phrase linked to the direct translated version of those words and phrases in other languages supported by the Transit NXT software. This software is classified as a translation and localization program developed to assist users with a set of features that can allow them to translate their written text and documents into other languages. When a user processes written text or documents using the Transit NXT software, new entries still to be entered into the database containing these translation libraries are added to the list of words and phrases stored in these Transit NXT pack translation files. These Transit NXT pack translation files are then uploaded automatically by the Transit NXT software to Web servers of STAR Group (developer of Transit NXT), which have been pre-configured and embedded into the Transit NXT software. It then updates the database in those Web servers, so other users can benefit from the additions and changes made to the updated database of translation libraries. The Transit NXT pack translation files are integrated with encoding standards used for the TPF file format, and these TPF files are affixed with the .tpf extension..

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STAR Group Transit
Detail tpf file extension information:
File Type: tpf
File Format: Transit NXT Pack Translation File
Primary Association: Font Files