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format file sys

What is a sys file and how do I open a sys file?

A .SYS file, or system files, are critical computer files without which a computer system may not operate correctly. They are part of the operating system. Microsoft Windows and MS-DOS mark their more valuable system files with a SYS attribute to protect them against accidental deletion.

The .SYS file format was designed to store compiled system resources like configuration variables and settings required by Windows and DOS (Disk Operating System) for performing its intended operations. Also known as Windows system files, the content of a .SYS file typically consists of core Windows and DOS components such as driver resources and references in a association with Dynamic Link Library (DLL) modules. If one takes the io.sys file, for example, it contains DOS initialization code and driver resources required by DOS, whereas the config.sys file stores system variables and configuration settings of Windows and DOS. The content of a .SYS file can be viewed or edited by using applications that have been built into Microsoft Windows.

Mac OS
Recommended sys file download:
Microsoft Windows
Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac with Windows installed
Detail sys file extension information:
File Type: sys
File Format: Windows System File
Primary Association: Windows System Files