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format file pxc

What is a pxc file and how do I open a pxc file?

The PXC file extension is created by MatrikonOPC Server. It provides users the ability to establish a secure OPC connection to PLCS and access data right on the plant floor. PXC is a configuration file using Binary Large Object data for configuration.

Files in the pxc format are also data files created by Photodex Proshow, a software which creates photo and video slideshows. Photodex, a software company which is known for specializing in the sonsumer digital imaging market, developed the Proshow product line for users, consumers and professionals, to have the ability to created slideshows and presentations from the digital photos and videos . Proshow Gold, the consumer-level tool, includes built-in functions like motion effects, key burn effect, customizing slide styles, transition. Also it features a CD, DVD and Blu-ray burning capabilities and outputs for other video formats. Proshow producer is the professional grade software which includes keyframing, masking, adjustment effects and other customization. PXC files are cache files that have been created by Proshow to store information on the slideshows’ media which may include images, audio and video data allowing for faster access while editing the presentation itself. To view and manage the files, the authoring software may be used, which is Photodex’s Proshow.

Recommended pxc file download:
Photodex Pro Show
Detail pxc file extension information:
File Type: pxc
File Format: Photodex Cache File
Primary Association: Data Files