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format file pst

What is a pst file and how do I open a pst file?

A PST is a data storage file holding personal information for Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. This data includes email folders, contacts and addresses. PST files have a 2 GB limit. Although Outlook Express does not use PST files, it can import PST data. Mac uses the PST Import Tool to import PST data into Entourage. Microsoft Outlook stores these items in a personal-storage-table (.pst) or off-line-storage-table (.ost) files that are located on the local computer. Normally the .pst files are used to store archived items and the .ost files to maintain off-line availability of the items. This is an essential feature of Microsoft Outlook.

Sizing of these files may no longer count against the size of the mailbox used; by moving files from a server mailbox to .pst files, users can free up storage space on their mail servers. In order to use the .pst files from another location the user needs to be able to access the files directly over a network from his mail client. It is possible to open and use a .pst file over a network, however this is unsupported by Microsoft who advise against it, as .pst files are prone to corruption opened over a network.

Mac OS
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Detail pst file extension information:
File Type: pst
File Format: Outlook Personal Information Store File
Primary Association: Microsoft Outlook Files